Industry best practice and global demand are changing at a pace not seen in peacetime. The manufacturing industry is playing a vital role in keeping the world going during these unprecedented times. And as we emerge from the global lockdown and see the green shoots of economic recovery, it is imperative you continue to talk, share and learn from each other.

We are fortunate to live in a time when technology gives us the opportunity to do just that, in a digital setting. Webinars abound, but a truly valuable online networking experience is harder to come by.

This Manufacturing Strategies Virtual Summit is designed to foster and encourage those meaningful connections you’d make at a physical event, whilst still delivering the highest quality thought leadership, ideas and insight you’d expect from a Manufacturing Strategies Summit.

Registration is free for manufacturers. Sign up to:

  • Watch and engage with thought leadership and technology presentations from the forefront of Industry 4.0 implementation
  • Join round-tables and discussions on a range of burning manufacturing issues and topics
  • Connect and set meetings with other manufacturing professionals around the world

Key Themes

  • Utilising Industry 4.0 best practice to navigate the repercussions of Covid-19
  • Smart manufacturing and flexible factories
  • Digital implementations and transformations
  • Big data analytics and digital maintenance
  • Process automation and improving productivity
  • Industry 4.0 and the future workforce
  • Creating a digital culture


Confirmed Speakers

Angel García Bombín

Sonae Arauco

Business Data Analytics Project Manager

Christian Haupt

Staedtler Mars

Head of Business Development Technology

Dimitris Kiritsis


Prof. ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing

Josef Kriegmair

MTU Aero Engines

Project Manager, Production

Paul Mairl

GKN Powder Metallurgy

Chief Digital Officer

Giorgio Rossi


Business Development Leader

Sebastian Seutter


Sr. Industry Executive Manufacturing

Adrian Wood

Dassault Systèmes

Strategic Business Development & Offer Marketing Director


Confirmed sessions include

Industry 4.0 - Why Digitalisation is (Not) an IT project

We are moving fast with the latest digital technologies and many companies are overwhelmed by the new opportunities and solutions provided. Many are struggling to turn all this into real benefits and lacking speed and clear decision making.

Adaption is more than ever required and traditional manufacturing need to be turned into an agile organisation. COVID-19 has increased the pressure on digital transformation.

What is agile manufacturing?

  • Agile, which is the capability to adapt itself continuously to complex, turbulent and unsecure environment
  • Leaders capable to lead and develop employees/teams to drive towards self-managed teams
  • A future-oriented and attractive work environment focussed on high value activities
  • Develop highly skilled employees capable to utilise new digital technology and be innovative problem solvers
  • Employees acting on data and driving for improved utilisation of resources to harvest the benefits of digitalisation

Paul Mairl, Chief Digital Officer, GKN Powder Metallurgy

Boost Productivity and Reduce Human Error through Process Digitalisation

Ineffective processes, long idle time and bad user experience are common pain points amongst all industries. If you're looking to enhance the productivity of your staff, decrease human error and become a truly digital data-driven organisation, this webinar is for you!

You will learn:
  • The importance of mobility and digitalization for process effectiveness
  • Manufacturing use examples and key advantages
  • Key features of the Resco mobile solution

Giorgio Rossi, Business Development Leader, Resco

Factory Digitalisation Step by Step

  • Challenges to overcome at the starting phase and during the journey
  • Data analytics, the value engine for the raw material high-quality data
  • Impact of the factory architecture on flexibility and agility of a factory
  • Value is realized after a successful completion of actions
  • Success factors culture and the mindset

Josef Kriegmair, Project Manager, Production, MTU Aero Engines

Applying Lean Principles with Effective Team Collaboration

Lean operations are a result of empowering teams to connect and collaborate effectively. Regardless of department or role, all teams need to overcome the same challenges to achieve operational improvements…

  • How to put lean principles and behaviour into action
  • How to connect teams regardless of physical or organisational barriers
  • How to visualise and leverage information effectively
  • How to provide structure and manage decisions and actions
  • How to guide teams to become problem solvers and innovators

Adrian Wood
, Strategic Business Development & Offer Marketing Director, Dassault Systèmes

Intelligent Manufacturing Applied

The intro is about “Future of Intelligence” explaining intelligence and potential industrial applications. The main part covers areas of applications for intelligence in manufacturing. Focus is on end-to-end operations and a perspective on pictures of the future including client case studies and technology deep dives. The closing is on “Innovating Future Operations” with a view on key technologies and likely future innovations to look out for.

Sebastian Seutter, Sr. Industry Executive Manufacturing, Microsoft

MES in the Age of IIoT - What’s New and What are the Further Challenges?

Today’s Manufacturing environment is characterized by personalized products in a highly competitive landscape. For companies to be successful production strategies need to be constantly renewed in order to assure less time to market, higher quality yields, less costs and faster processing and lead times. Fortunately, technology (like Mobile Computing, Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, Virtual/ Augmented Reality, etc) exists today that enable all of those. However, this needs to be orchestrated. Traditional MES plays this role to connect and coordinate all of this.  
  • The critical new role of MES
  • Things MES deliver for IIOT
  • The new MES benefits in today’s manufacturing environment
  • MES roadmap – How to capture process needs and technology scouting

Christian Haupt
, Head of Business Development Technology, STAEDTLER

Data Driven Strategies for Zero Defect Manufacturing

  • Early detection of the defect (Z-DETECT)
  • Prediction of the defect generation (Z-PREDICT)
  • Prevention of defect generation by recalibrating the production line (multi-stage), as well as defect propagation in later stages of the production (Z-PREVENT)
  • Reworking/remanufacturing of the product, if this is possible, (Z-REPAIR)
  • Management of the aforementioned strategies through Semantic Data Modeling, quality performance monitoring and real-time decision support using Cognitive Digital Twins (Z-MANAGE)

Dimitris Kiritsis
, Director, Doctoral Program on Robotics Control and Intelligent Systems, EDRS, EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)

Sonae Arauco: Industrial Soul, Digital Heart

In Sonae Arauco we are proud of our Industrial Soul, we are a company born with strong roots to last through generations,  at the same time we know that Industrial Digitalization it is a must for increasing efficiency and having the opportunity of discovering new business models. In this talk we will see a practical application of Industry 4.0 technologies and Data Analytics to foster Operational Efficiency. For this Project of Digital Manufacturing, together with the Customer Digital Portal and Talent Management, Sonae Arauco was distinguished as the Best Digital Transformation Enterprise in the last edition of the European Digital Mindset Awards.

Angel García Bombín, Business Data Analytics Project Manager, Sonae Arauco
Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE® Company, serves 220,000 users across 140 countries, providing virtual universes for sustainable innovation. 

DELMIA is a Dassault Systèmes brand that delivers Digital Continuity across the virtual and real worlds of manufacturing to engineer, operate, and optimize your global industrial processes. 

DELMIA Engineering applications drive manufacturing innovation by virtually defining, planning, creating, monitoring, and controlling all production processes. 

DELMIA Operations solutions help global manufacturers transform their global operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence.

DELMIA Optimization capabilities enable finite capacity planning, scheduling, synchronization and optimization for complex and batch business processes across all planning horizons.

As part of Dassault Systèmes, it’s Quintiq’s mission to solve the world’s planning puzzles using a single platform.

Quintiq supply chain planning and optimization solution increases visibility, prevents data silos and facilitates better collaboration both internally and with supply chain partners. It covers the entire supply chain from end to end across all planning horizons from strategic, via tactical to operational planning.

Quintiq’s integrated planning empowers your business processes to drive performance, beat the competition and maximize profits. At the click of a button, Quintiq optimizes hundreds of thousands of operations. Applied locally it optimizes sourcing, distribution, production and inventory. Applied globally it optimizes the entire supply chain, insulates it against risk and prepares for any eventualities.
Resco founded in 1999, is a business mobility expert providing companies with mobile solutions that are cross-platform, 100% offline and fully customizable. Today, Resco is utilized by 2,500+ corporate customers with more than 200,000 licensed users around the world. Its newest flagship product, Resco Inspections, offers powerful mobile questionnaires that help companies conduct field inspections and gather valuable business insights.


Registration is free for:

  • Technical or operations professionals from companies with their own manufacturing operations
  • Academic institutions
  • Government, charitable or non-profit organisations
Registration is not open to suppliers of commercial manufacturing solutions*.

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