Programme 2018

26-28 November 2018; Berlin, Germany

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08:00 - 11:30 - Site Tour

BMW Plant Berlin – Factory Tour


During the exclusive guided tour, three groups of 25 people will be led through the mechanical production, engine assembly and the motorcycle assembly. The tour is approximately two hours long.

Please note: Tickets are now sold out. Please contact us if you would like to join the waiting list.

11:50 - 12:50

Registration & Lunch

13:00 - 13:35 - Keynote

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Devising and Implementing Smart Manufacturing and Flexible Factory Programmes

Ilker Kalali, Head of Industrial Engineering & PMS, Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.

Pirelli logo.png

  • In Pirelli, we constantly challenge the boundaries of technology, style and sustainability, setting trends across the world
  • In this session, we will discuss how to deliver high value in today’s highly competitive manufacturing environment
  • The Smart Manufacturing and Flexible Factory programs are the enablers of this manufacturing transformation in Pirelli Tyres

13:40 - 14:15 - Case Studies

Lean & Operational Excellence

Standardisation – The Primary Base for Continuous Improvement

Damian Baldysz, Plants Director, Virtu

  • The definition of standardisation and its role in our world
  • Is standardisation a DNA of your organisation?
  • How do manufacturing organisations understand the relation between standardisation and continuous improvement?
  • Why standardization process is worth long term investment

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Do Big Data and Advanced Analytics need MOM?

Uwe Küppers, Chairman EMEA, MESA

  • In this session, I will talk about how I start my journey of digital transformation, where are some fast tracks to understand my challenges better
  • What are the challenges of big data?
  • What is the right approach of advanced analytics?
  • How does this all work together?
  • What does an IOT platform really mean?
  • Do I need AR in the future?

14:20 - 14:55 - Solution Spotlights

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Good, Bad & Ugly of Industry 4.0

Michele Sciuto, Chief Commercial Officer, ATS Global

  • Understanding what is possible with Industry 4.0, today, tomorrow and in the future
  • Lessons learnt
  • Business case – return on investment

Lean & Operational Excellence

Raising the Bar on Operational Improvement: From Focusing on Results to Focusing on Impact

Ewald van Ravenswaay, Partner, Chartwell Consulting

At Chartwell, we specialise in making a big impact on operational performance in a short timeframe. We call ourselves super-improvers (no false modesty here).

We have come to realise that making an impact is not just about the size of the improvement, but much more the actual impact of what we achieve against the things that really matter that counts.

In this presentation I will take you on my personal journey to increase the “real impact” I am making. I will challenge you to think about the what real impact you are making with and/or within your organisation. And I will show you how we are helping organisations to focus their attention and efforts to maximise the real impact they are making.

14:55 - 15:55

iSolve & Networking Refreshments


15:55 - 16:30 - Case Studies

Advanced Production Strategies

Transforming Manufacturing Operations In The Digital Age

Simon Jacobson, Vice President, Gartner

The blurring of physical and digital worlds is redefining the role manufacturing operations plays in today’s supply chains. Organisations must manage disruption with operational inefficiency while assessing a rapidly evolving set of new technologies, streamlining their operations, optimizing costs, increasing productivity, and cultivating an engaged workforce.

Assessing immediate and future opportunities is no easy task. Manufacturers without a balanced roadmap will struggle. In this session, Gartner will provide guidance, examples, and direction on developing a balanced approach to executing the digital transformation of manufacturing operations.

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Case Studies of Digital Transformations in Process and Aerospace Industries

Nick Miesen, Managing Director & Co-Founder, JUGAAD Advanced Analytics

Sharing the lessons learned in digital transformations in three different industries (AkzoNobel, Heineken and GKN Aerospace Fokker) ranging from strategies, organisational setup and practical projects like Predictive Maintenance or AR.

Lean & Operational Excellence

What does a Company Look Like After Two Years of having a Lean Expert as a Managing Director?

Sergio Ros Hernandez, Managing Director, Agroherni

Luis Miguel Rodríguez, IT Director, Agroherni

  • Introduction to Agroherni: figures and big numbers
  • What happened over the last 2 years
  • How we see the 2025
  • Industry 4.0: mobility, visual management, RFID, info accessible for everyone on time/on line, customer service etc.

16:35 - 17:10 - Solution Spotlights

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Demystifying MES/MOM and what it Means for your Digital Manufacturing Ambitions

Martyn Gill, Business Development Director, Lighthouse Systems Ltd


  • Adopting the 4th Industrial revolution with manufacturing software
  • The importance of adhering to the ANSI/ISA-95 standard
  • The specific functions of MES/MOM in your smart manufacturing journey

More and more frequently we hear about manufacturing companies’ ambitions around Manufacturing IT, in particular, the Digital or Smart Manufacturing journey and what they entail. We get to hear new acronyms, phrases, buzz words and terms, but what do they really mean? Are they all the same thing? Is Smart the same as Digital? Is Digital Smart? The purpose of the presentation is to attempt at demystifying what they mean.

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Drive the Smart Manufacturing through Manufacturing Operations Management

Raffaello Lepratti, Vice President Business Development | Manufacturing Operations Management Solutions, Siemens Industry Software

A modern Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) Software orchestrates smart manufacturing and quality operations and enables closed-loop continuous improvements. Through its integration with shop-floor automation, PLM and ERP systems, MOM transforms designing and engineering information into efficient and high-quality manufacturing execution. In parallel, it turns raw production data into smart, IoT and actionable information for increased transparency, cross-department collaboration and better decision-making. With MOM integrated approach, manufacturers can implement Smart Manufacturing already today!

17:15 - 18:00 - Panel Discussion

Leadership & Workforce Development

Avoiding the Skills Gap: Planning for the Short and Long Term to Secure your Future

Arturo Galvan, Factory Manager, Hamburg Chocolate Factory, Nestlé

Sergio Ros Hernandez, Managing Director, Agroherni

Simon Hardiman, Continuous Improvement Director, UTC Aerospace Systems

  • With a predicted significant shortfall of manufacturing professionals set to enter the industry, how can the industry secure its future?
  • Why must you have a defined yet adaptable program for succession planning?
  • How has the landscape of acquiring and developing the most capable, young talent in manufacturing changed?

18:00 - 18:05

18:05 - 18:40

Evening Drinks Reception

19:00 - 22:00 - Awards Dinner

5th Annual European Manufacturing & Supply Chain Awards 2018

Join us for the 5th Annual European Manufacturing and Supply Chain Awards Dinner. Attendees will enjoy a unique panorama and unforgettable view of the entire city from the top of the iconic TV Tower in Berlin, with the revolving restaurant 207m above the city, and taking one hour to revolve a full 360°. The Berliner Fernsehturm is the tallest structure in Germany and one of the largest buildings in Europe.

Our host for the evening is Professor Darek Ceglarek, Professor & EPSRC Star Recruit Research Chair WMG, University of Warwick.

The following awards will be presented at the dinner:

  • European Manufacturing Leadership Award 2018: Mario Naldini, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Director, Prometeon
  • European Manufacturing Rising Star Award 2018: Jose Miguel Dominguez Gonzalez, World Class Manufacturing Support Manager, IVECO
  • European Supply Chain Leadership Award 2018: Gordon Knox, Director of Supply Chain, Superdry
We have a limited number of tickets left, if you are interested in attending, please contact 

Please click here for more information on the Awards.

08:00 - 08:40

Registration & Refreshments

08:45 - 09:20 - Keynote

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Industry 4.0 for Aircraft Manufacturing

Fernando Ortega Feliu, Head of Automated Assemblies at Airbus DS Cádiz Plant, Airbus Defence & Space

  • Introduction to aircraft manufacturing and Airbus DS Cádiz Plant
  • Lean & Operational Excellence as key enabler
  • Latest Technological Plant Achievements
  • Factory of the Future: Way forward
  • Conclusions

09:20 - 09:55 - Keynote

Leadership & Workforce Development

Leadership through Cultural Diversity at Nestlé in a Chocolate Factory in Hamburg

Arturo Galvan, Factory Manager, Hamburg Chocolate Factory, Nestlé


  • The challenges of daily business in an FMCG environment with employees from more than 40 different nationalities
  • Exploiting the potential of cultural diversity towards business goals
  • How diversity add-up towards better results in Change Management – Case Study results

10:00 - 10:35 - Solution Spotlights

Lean & Operational Excellence

Surviving and Thriving in Hyper Competitive Times

Phil McIntyre, Managing Director, Client Development & Marketing, Performance Solutions by Milliken

Evolving trends require manufacturers to create new products, adapt existing plants, equipment, and processes to new-product specifications, and create new and improved business and production processes. Implementing a holistic improvement system — i.e., the Milliken Performance System — helps manufacturers to achieve operational goals and prepare for a more profitable future.

In this presentation, we’ll cover a case study of Milliken & Company and their Operational Excellence journey. We’ll dive into the many things Milliken did right and the many things they did wrong – while continuing to thrive in hyper competitive markets.

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Maintenance 4.0 — The Future of Maintenance

Frank Keul, Manager Research & Development, AECOM

Lars Skogmo, Head of Process & Automation, AECOM

How the rise of Industry 4.0 and increasing levels of digitalisation has enabled the evolution of reactive maintenance over scheduled and predictive to holistic maintenance. A discussion on the interplay of the production of the future, smart buildings and maintenance.

10:35 - 11:35

iSolve & Networking Refreshments

11:35 - 12:10 - Case Studies

Lean & Operational Excellence

Creating a Common Industrial Culture based on Efficiency Improvement

Hervé Ghesquières, Executive Head of Industrial Efficiency, Prometeon

  • PMS: The Lean Manufacturing in Prometeon : Tools and methods from the operators to the top managers
  • Merge 2 different cultures and get the acceptance through a succession of success-stories
  • A few tools but well implemented and part of the DNA of everyone in Manufacturing
  • Kaizen Weeks: task force to solve well identified problems, thanks to the contribution of everyone. Also used as a cross factory exchange tools to accelerate the cross fertilization between the plants
  • The Trainers : a team of home-grown experts, issued from the shop, that coach employees to the standards until they reach the expected results
  • POSS (Prometeon Operations Steering System) as a systematic approach to deploy the company strategy until the operators, escalate issues and increase the efficiency of the problems solving

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Data and System Architecture and its High Impact on Smart Manufacturing

Josef Kriegmair, Project Management, Production, MTU Aero Engines

  • Reference models
  • Free flow of information via interoperability
  • Different ways to provide interoperability
  • Impact of the orchestration on the ability to create value and to achieve agility and flexibility
  • Value source provided by data

Leadership & Workforce Development

Inspire Action through Inspirational Leadership

Ariane Roos, Partner, Synergie


  • Examples of inspiring companies
  • Why do certain companies inspire us
  • What motivates us
  • The customer is the boss
  • How to motivate your teams to take the extra mile

12:15 - 12:50 - Solution Spotlights

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Getting Real ROI from your Digital Factory

Deborah Sherry, SVP & CCO, Europe, Russia and CIS, GE Digital

  • Full session abstract TBC

Industry 4.0 & Technology

The Smart Factory Programme in Bridgestone EMEA - Bridgestone’s Journey to a Smart Factory together with Dassault Systèmes

Javier Blanco, Enterprise Architect - Manufacturing, Bridgestone EMEA

  • Full session abstract TBC

12:50 - 13:50

Networking Lunch

Maintenance 4.0 — The Future of Maintenance

Roundtable led by:

Manufacturing Footprint and Supply Chain Optimisation 

Roundtable led by:

Business Transformation in a Data-Driven World

Roundtable led by:

Maximising the Impact of our Operational Improvement work

Roundtable led by:

13:50 - 14:25 - Case Studies

Lean & Operational Excellence

Lean Strategy Deployment for “Engineering to Order Business”

Sezin Taskin Koeylueoglu, Lean Program Manager, Business Unit Transmission Products, Siemens Limited China

  • Use case from Transformers Guangzhou China: “Turning around a low performer to best in class with successful strategy deployment (Hoshin Kanri)”
  • Holistic management approach: Siemens Performance System
  • Shaping Digital Future of High Voltage Transmission Systems

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Supply Chains of the Future through Collaboration - Collaborative Research and Translation in Medicines Manufacturing

Dr Jagjit Singh Srai, Head of Centre for International Manufacturing, University of Cambridge


As healthcare supply chains face the perfect storm of more resource intensive drug-discovery, with market demands for enhanced volume flexibility and product variety from manufacturing, and within supply chains already holding excessive inventory, we examine how pre-competitive collaboration can support the development of future more responsive and resilient supply chains.

Specifically, we consider how new production processes, and new supply-chain models enabled by digitalisation leveraging 4IR and continuous production technologies, smart packaging and connected devices, might offer more responsive and cost efficient supply leading to benefits for both patients (improved outcomes) and  healthcare providers (reduced cost and waste). 

From a collaboration perspective, the successes of technology developments leveraging partnerships within major fundamental and translational research consortia, are presented providing early evidence on their ability to effectively integrate new technology, regulatory considerations and end-to-end supply chain innovations. Examples are drawn from the ReMediES Industrial Research (mid-TRL) programme that connects investments in fundamental research (CMAC Hub) and future demonstrator facilities (MMIC) covering;

  • New equipment for continuous processing with immediate commercial applications
  • Developing new pack substrates, and smart packs with functional printed electronics
  • Informing follow-on developments of demonstrator programmes such as MMIC that tackle future transformation pathways set out in Sector Technology roadmaps
  • Effective engagement with stakeholders (incl. regulators) on the adoption of novel process, pack and digital technologies within future medicine manufacturing supply chains

Advanced Production Strategies

How to Sustain the Operation via Standardisation

Ferdi Aksoy, Regional Head/Eastern Europe Operations, Yazaki Europe

  • Excellence at Management
  • Matrix Organisation
  • Structuring and Developing Green-Field Operations
  • Mother/Lead Plant Concept vs Central Organisation and Business Unit Structure
  • Sustainability in Manufacturing

14:30 - 15:05 - Solution Spotlights

Industry 4.0 & Technology

How to Bring Clarity into Complexity of Plant Management and Process Automation

Kari Terho, General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory, Elisa

  • Learn through concrete examples, how you can gain real-time visibility into your production: what is happening, why something is happening and what will happen. Understand the possibilities of fast and flexible integration to all data from PLC’s to operational and business systems, enabling to create a single centralized virtual data lake.
  • Understand the benefits of the Elisa Smart Factory solution: Removing quality errors from production, avoiding unplanned stops and identifying bottlenecks in the production

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Enabling Business Transformation in Manufacturing Companies

Henning Lindemann, Sales Manager, Celonis

  • What are the main challenges for manufacturing companies in the era of digitilisation
  • How can you capitalise on data from MES and ERP to optimise your processes
  • How can you operationalise your insights from big data analysis and transform your business
  • How to monitor and quantify the success of digital transformations

15:05 - 16:05

iSolve & Networking Refreshments

16:05 - 16:40 - Case Studies

Lean & Operational Excellence

Setting Off in the Right Direction

Simon Hardiman, Continuous Improvement Director, UTC Aerospace Systems

The importance of vision, infrastructure, and motivation in a lean environment. This session helps to identify ‘the problem to be solved’ and highlights the importance of a clear understanding of purpose and value to correctly apply lean tools resulting in engagement. It provides a simple framework and a case study of application in a manufacturing facility.

Industry 4.0 & Technology

The Evolution to Cloud Computing

Professor Sujit Banerji, Executive Director, WMG Education, WMG, University of Warwick


  • Full session abstract TBC

Advanced Production Strategies

A Case in the Steel Transforming Industry: Projects Implemented in Siderval and the Hot Extrusion Division of Calvi Holding Special Steel Profiles

Antonio Rossi, Plant Director, Siderval

  • Industry 4.0
  • Quality & Safety (& Environment) Management
  • Workforce Development

16:45 - 17:20 - Keynote

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Industry 4.0 at Datwyler: How to be Future-Proof

Dirk Borghs, COO, Datwyler


How we manage the challenges of Industry 4.0. The importance of our global ERP system, our MES system and our digital office environment as the backbone of our worldwide international group, enabling us to continuously improve productivity and agility, while growing organically and through acquisitions. How we recently built our first paperless factory, use data mining to improve processes and installed a worldwide expert network.

17:20 - 17:25

17:25 - 18:25

Evening Drinks Reception

08:00 - 08:50

Registration & Refreshments

08:55 - 09:30 - Keynote

Advanced Production Strategies

Achieving Cost Competiveness Combining Lean Production and Industry 4.0 - A Study of the Bosch Plant in Wernau

Armin Schwab, Vice President, Plant Management & Site Responsible (WeP/PM) , Bosch

  • Profitable production in a German assembly plant – Competitiveness with low-salary countries
  • I4.0 | from individual tools in the “make area” to integrated system solutions for the value stream
  • How to motivate people on the shop floor to first use and the drive I4.0 themselves
  • Lean Production Excellence in production and logistics
  • Non-expert team leaders (“fresh-eye”) as key element

09:30 - 10:05 - Keynote

Industry 4.0 & Technology

Industry 4.0 - How to Develop your Digital Culture

Paul Mairl, Chief Digital Officer, GKN Powder Metallurgy


The capability to build a strong digital culture will be key to harvest the benefits of Industry 4.0 and all the technologies linked to this like IoT.

  • How has GKN Powder Metallurgy defined their digital culture?
  • How to engage your leadership?
  • Bringing technology and culture together to drive behaviour

10:10 - 10:45 - Case Studies

Advanced Production Strategies

A Medical Device Plant Journey: From Lean-6 Sigma, through Operational Excellence, to an Industry 4.0 Vision

Vittorio Morizio, Vice President, Head of Manufacturing, Cardiac Surgery; Head of Operational Excellence, LivaNova

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Industry 4.0 & Technology

Product Customisation in Mass Production – Innovation of the Series Production with Digital Printing and Laser Techniques

Dr Ralf Zichner, Head of Department Printed Functionalities, Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS


  • How could mass production be adopted to become an efficient batch size one production?
  • Digital manufacturing technologies are the key. Enabler for product modifications without machine set-up time.
  • The integration of electronics on the product surface or even in products can realized by new technologies

10:45 - 11:45

iSolve & Networking Refreshments

11:45 - 12:20 - Keynote

Lean & Operational Excellence

Matching your Stage of Lean Maturity to your Environment and Motivational Concepts

Christian Haupt, Head of Business Development Technology, STAEDTLER Mars GmbH & Co. KG

  • Assessing your level of maturity and setting the parameters for that assessment
  • Relating your current capability model to sporadic and organizational goals
  • Aligning the life-cycle of lean progress with current and future objectives

12:25 - 13:00 - Case Studies

Industry 4.0 & Technology

The Digital Transformation Journey of Faurecia

Frederic Moret, Industrial Director, Faurecia Interior Systems


  • A comprehensive scope: human resources, business, manufacturing
  • A global approach: mix of local and global solutions
  • A focus on manufacturing: from raw materials supply to finished goods delivery
  • Impacts on production efficiency and industrial strategy
  • Example of application of deep learning and AI

Advanced Production Strategies

Zero Defect Manufacturing – Detect, Predict, Prevent, Repair and Manage

Prof. Dimitris Kiritsis, Professor, ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing, EPFL - Chair, IFIP WG5.7 – Advances in Production Management Systems, EPFL


  • Early detection of the defect (Z-DETECT)
  • Prediction of the defect generation (Z-PREDICT)
  • Prevention of defect generation by recalibrating the production line (multi-stage), as well as defect propagation in later stages of the production (Z-PREVENT)
  • Reworking/remanufacturing of the product, if this is possible, (Z-REPAIR)
  • Management of the aforementioned strategies through event modelling, KPI (key performance indicators) monitoring and real-time decision support (Z-MANAGE)

13:00 - 14:00

Networking Lunch

14:00 - 14:35 - Case Studies

Lean & Operational Excellence

Kaizen 4.0: Data-Driven Continuous Improvement

Bart Wouters, Site Director, Prayon

In our presentation we will demonstrate with case studies how we combined concepts of continuous improvement with advanced analytics and data mining in the chemical process industry. Human intelligence and analytics are for us not a choice, but a perfect match.

We aimed to provide the operators with functional indicators to steer the processes. We will show how digital can be a driver for cultural change when combined with participation from the shop floor, not an inhibitor. Further we will address some issues we faced during the project and solutions offered.

Leadership & Workforce Development

Physical and Mental Barriers

Reinhold Gietl, Factory Manager, Pilkington

  • “In many organizations every now and again we can find new management strategies, - philosophies and - ideas.
  • Development is the intention. Very often those activities are non-completed, before new ones are going to be implemented and often seen more as a “load” rather than “enrichment”
  • Industry 4.0 contains a flood of information and challenges us all already now
  • We have to overcome all hurdles and obstacles better as we did in the past by involving our people”

14:40 - 15:15 - Keynote

Advanced Production Strategies

To Set Up Manufacturing Excellence in the Way of Working within the Production in the Middle East

Stefan Köhler, Vice President & General Manager (AVI Arabian Vehicles & Trucks Industry Co. Ltd), Volvo GTO


  • Challenges and explanations how the daily manufacturing KPIs had increased in order to reach World Class Level in the Volvo & Renault manufacturing plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

15:15 - 15:50 - Keynote

Advanced Production Strategies

From TPM to Predictive Maintenance

Stefano Cortiglioni, Toyota Academy Director, TPS Senior Advisor & Regional Manager, Toyota Material Handling Europe

  • Associates competence to support the OEE improvement  
  • Autonomous Maintenance: A needed step to fix key parameters.
  • Digitalisation as a further step of visualization
  • Selective censoring to predict failures

15:50 - 16:00

16:30 - 19:30 - Site Tour

BMW Plant Berlin – Factory Tour


During the exclusive guided tour, three groups of 25 people will be led through the mechanical production, engine assembly and the motorcycle assembly. The tour is approximately two hours long.

Please note: Tickets are now sold out. Please contact us if you would like to join the waiting list.

08:00 - 11:30 - Site Tour

BMW Plant Berlin – Factory Tour (Newly Added)


During the exclusive guided tour, three groups of 25 people will be led through the mechanical production, engine assembly and the motorcycle assembly. The tour is approximately two hours long.

Please note: Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. The previous two tours have both sold out due to very high levels of demand.