From the previous events


Use of Digital Twins to Improve Business

Jesper Toubøl
VP Moulding

Sharing is Caring: What we have Learned - 6 Essential Strategies for Excellence in Uncertain Times

Chris Poole
Director of Client Development EMEA
Performance Solutions by Milliken

Compressors as Efficient and Intelligent Assets

Brecht Vanlee,
Area Director, Western Europe/Asia

Pharma 4.0: Industry 4.0 in Pharma Manufacturing

Michael Schneider
Global Head Technology Innovation Drug Product

Transform Traditional Manufacturing into a Digital Operational World

Roberto Napione
Manufacturing Knowledge Area. EU/ASIA/AMERICAS Manager
SKF Group

Connect Workers, Boost Productivity and Reduce Human Mistakes through Digitalization & Mobility

Giorgio Rossi
Direct Sales Manager

How we Implement Digital and Human Agility to Increase Operational Resilience

Matthias Gräfe
Director of Global Supply Chain Transformation

Lead your Organisation to Analytical Excellence

Martin Demel
Sr. Systems Engineer
JMP Software

Putting the Industrial Internet to Work: How to Start, Where to Focus

Bernard Cubizolles
Global Product Marketing Manager
GE Digital

How can Digital Transformation Accelerate Operational Excellence?

Emanuele Quarin
Digital Industrial Operations Director EU

Integrated Systems to Connect R&D with Production and Suppliers Located in Different Places during COVID-19

Marco Brighi
Manufacturing Technology Specialist
Tetra Pak

From Surviving to Thriving in the New Normal

Kari Terho
General Manager, Smart Factory

Taylors of Harrogate – MES User Experience

Lee Stephenson
Operational Excellence Lead
Taylors of Harrogate

Looking Back to Look Forwards: How Excellent Information Management can Drive Effective Industry 4.0 Integration

Mark Carnaghan
Business Unit Director
2 Sisters Food Group

Bekaert Case Study: MES & Digital in Manufacturing

Alexander Moentjens, Filip Waelkens
Global Program Lead for Digitalization in Operations, Global Program Lead for MES

Digital Twins - Connect the Dots for Robust E2E Decisions

Jens Schulz
Technical Product Management


Stefano Cortiglioni
Toyota Lean Academy Italia Director
Toyota Material Handling Italia S.r.l.

Has Globalization been Beneficial or Otherwise for Manufacturing?

Sujit Banerji
Emeritus Professor, Operations Management, WMG
University of Warwick

Continuous Improvement: How to Drive and Sustain Success

Luc Roesems
Vice President Manufacturing
Samsonite Europe NV

Reaching Beyond Operational Excellence with AI

Stéphane Coudurier Curveur
Injection Senior Manager & Senior Expert

The Closed Loop Manufacturing Approach

Dr Gunter Beitinger
Vice President Manufacturing
Siemens AG

Coaching in Leadership – Workshop for Implementing Change

Ronnie Granlund
Production Director
Snellmanin Lihanjalostus Oy

Connected Technology Driving Value For Your Tertiary Assets

Wade Wessels
Director of Connected Solutions and IoT
Donaldson Company

Digital Transformation of Conventional Manufacturing at PMI

Alessio Preti, Serkan Sagdic
Head of Manufacturing Digital Transformation, Regional Project Manager
Philip Morris International

Trusted Data Sharing for Cognitive Manufacturing

Prof. Dr. Dimitris Kiritsis
Prof. ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing

Design for Product, for Manufacturing or for Supply Chain?

Dr Aristides Matopoulos
Reader, Engineering Systems & Management, Aston Logistics & Systems Institute
Aston University

Toward a Zero-Defect Manufacturing: Development of a Holistic Quality Management Platform

Pierluigi Petrali
Manager, Manufacturing Research & Intelligence

Boston Scientific Galway Culture Journey: A Case Study in Mass Engagement

Pádraig Garvey
Production Unit (Operations) Manager
Boston Scientific

Building the Future Supply Chain for Beiersdorf

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gottschalk
VP SC Strategy and Global Engineering
Beiersdorf AG

Lincolns do Not Crack...Intricacies of Root Cause Analysis

Damian Baldysz
Lean Systems Professional, Standardization and RCA SME
VIRTU (Formerly)

Inspiration is More Effective than Operational Excellence Programmes

Ariane Roos

How have Interface Used Lean and Social Responsibility Principles to Maintain and Enhance Productivity during the Pandemic?

Billy Ingram
Director of Lean Product Development


Why Lean Remains so Important in the 4.0 Era

Fabien Schmerber
Vice President Operations B&H EMEA

Smashing Business Silos with Digital Transformation

Martin Kelman
Global Innovation Director
ATS Applied Tech Systems Ltd

Bridging the Gap between HW Start-ups & Manufacturing Operations

Ori Kaplan
Operations Strategist
FoldiMate (Previously)

L’Oréal Digital Transformation Journey in Manufacturing

Christian Georges
Technical Director

Cloudifying the Plant: Two Sample Shop Floor Solutions

Plamen Kiradjiev
Global CTO Industrie 4.0, IBM Distinguished Engineer
IBM Germany

IoT Edge Analytics Use Cases - Real Life Examples

Andrea Magnago
Director of International Sales & Partners

Expert Paintshop Insights for Optimised Production and Quality Management

Frank Levering, Giorgio Guerrini
CTO, DELMIA EuroMed Sales Representative
Geico Spa, Dassault Systèmes

Leadership and Strategy for Defining and Implementing Processes

Dean Lenane
Managing Director
Fisher Dynamics Europe

Introduction and Implementation of the Datwyler Production System: Pitfalls and Pleasures

Dirk Vander Mierde
Site Director

Transformation – The Success of Continuous Change

Dr Holger Feldhege
Bühler AG

E-APP: The Electrolux Stepping Stone Strategy to Empower Bottom-Up

Emanuele Quarin
Digital Industrial Operations Director EU

An Agile and New Way of Working

Dmitriy Kozlov, Vladimir Stoyakin
Trainer & Coach of Agile Coaches, Transformation Business Partner

Putting the Industrial Internet to Work: How to Start, Where to Focus

Ian Williams
Senior Director - Solution Architecture
GE Digital

Excellence in an Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Environment

Josef Kriegmair
Project Management, Production
MTU Aero Engines

Unlocking the Value of Manufacturing Data in the IIOT World

Carsten Bitschkus
Senior MES Consultant
Lighthouse Systems Ltd

When Machines Meet Humans in Global Supply Chain Transformation: Lessons Learned in Implementing AI and Analytics to Enable Better Decision-Making

Matthias Graefe
Director of Supply Chain Transformation, Supply Chain Data Officer, IBM Transformation & Operations
IBM Germany

Smart Manufacturing and its Opportunities

Uwe Küppers
Chairman, EMEA

Building the Production System through a Developed Lean Programme

Nüket Baran
Production System Engineer Leader
Hugo Boss

The Future Of Manufacturing is Human + Machine In a Connected Worker World

Lawrence Whittle, Joris Stolk
CEO, Manager Maintenance, Utilities and Digital Innovation
Parsable, Heineken

Applying and Refining the Leoni WCS Kaizen Production System

Dr Michael Gawronski
Vice President, Business Segment Enterprise & Industrial Projects
LEONI Fiber Optics GmbH

HoloLens, Smartwatch & Mobility: How Innovation can Increase Quality, Automation and Compliance

Juraj Mojik
Head of Product

Bringing the Connected Enterprise to Life through Smart Machines and Smart Connected People

Paolo Butti
Director Industry and OEM EMEA
Rockwell Automation

The Kellogg's Works System (KWS): A Process Implemented Across 60 Sites

Rudi Neeckx
Continuous Improvement and Autonomous Maintenance Director
Kellogg Company

Manufacturing Transformation at Beiersdorf

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Gottschalk
VP SC Strategy and Engineering
Beiersdorf AG

Our Journey from Transparency to Intelligence by Applying Industry 4.0 Principles

Angel Garcia Bombin
Data Analytics Project Manager - Industry 4.0
Sonae Arauco

Boosting Productivity with Industrial IoT and AI

Kari Terho
General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory

Consumer-Driven Quality

Sabina Krzystolik
Chief Quality Officer

Zero-Intervention Production at Novo Nordisk

Morten Just Blangsted
Senior Partner

Changing the Future of Manufacturing

Luke Mullins


Leadership Through Cultural Diversity

Arturo Galvan
Factory Manager - Chocolate Factory Hamburg
Nestle Germany

Continuous Improvement? Yes Please! Standardisation??? Does Not Ring a Bell...

Damian Baldysz
Virtu Plants Director
Virtu Productions

Zero Defect Manufacturing

Dimitris Kiritsis
Professor, ICT for Sustainable Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 @ Datwyler - How to be Future Proof

Dirk Borghs
COO Senior Executive Vice President

Raising the Bar on Operational Improvement: from Focusing on Results to Focusing on Impact

Ewald van Ravenswaay
Chartwell Consulting

Create a Common Industrial Culture Based on Efficiency Improvement

Hervé Ghesquières
Executive Head of Industrial Efficiency

The Smart Factory Programme in Bridgestone EMEA - Bridgestone’s Journey to a Smart Factory together with Dassault Systèmes

Javier Blanco
Enterprise Architect - Manufacturing
Bridgestone EMEA

Data and System Architecture and Its High Impact on Smart Manufacturing

Josef Kriegmair
Project Management, Production
MTU Aero Engines

Data is Worthless Without Real-Time Insights

Kari Terho
General Manager, Elisa Smart Factory

Maintenance 4.0: The Future of Maintenance

Lars Skogmo & Dr Frank Keul


Industry 4.0 - How to Develop your Digital Culture

Paul Mairl
Chief Digital Officer
GKN Powder Metallurgy

Surviving and Thriving in Hyper-Competitive Times

Phil McIntyre
Managing Director, Client Development & Marketing
Performance Solutions by Milliken

Enabling Smart Manufacturing through MOM Software

Dr Raffaello Lepratti
VP - MOM Business Development & Marketing
Siemens PLM Software

Product Customization in Mass Production - Innovation of the Series Production with Digital Printing and Laser Techniques

Dr Ralf Zichner
Head of Department Printed Functionalities
Fraunhofer Institute for Electronic Nano Systems ENAS

Case Study: Industry 4.0 & Technology Physical and Mental Barriers

Reinhold Gietl
Factory Manager

Lean Strategy Deployment for Engineering to Order Business

Sezin Taskin Koeylueoglu
Lean Program Manager, Business Unit Transmission Products
Siemens Limited China

Setting off in the Right Direction: The Link Between Strategic Goals & Compelling Lean Transformation

Simon Hardiman
Head of Transformation and ACE
UTC Aerospace Systems

To Set Up Manufacturing Excellence in the Way of Working within the Production in the Middle East

Stefan Köhler
Vice President & General Manager (AVI Arabian Vehicles & Trucks Industry Co. Ltd)
Volvo GTO

Does Big Data and Advanced Analytic need MOM?

Uwe Küppers

Reconfiguring Manufacturing Operations in the Digital Age

Simon Jacobson
VP Research, Supply Chain

Factory of the Future - Getting Real ROI from your Digital Factory

Deborah Sherry
Senior VP & Chief Commercial Officer
GE Digital Europe

Flexible Factory and Smart Manufacturing

Ilker Kalali
Head of Industrial Engineering and Smart Manufacturing

Case Studies of Digital Transformations in Process and Aerospace Industries

Dr Nick Miesen`
Managing Director & Co-Founder
JUGAAD Advanced Analytics

A medical device plant journey: from Lean-6 Sigma, through Operational Excellence, to Industry 4.0 vision

Vittorio Morizio
Head of Cardiac Surgery Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Presentations with Audio

Factory 4.0 Approach

Production Director
Thyssenkrupp Norte

Flexibility through Nesting – Solutions for Building the Factory of the Future

Head of Technology, Process and Automation

Impact of the Human Machine Interface in a Production Environment

Project Director
MTU Aero Engines

Setting a Roadmap for Manufacturers on the Journey to a Smart Manufacturing Future

Chairman EMEA

Good, Bad & Ugly of Industry 4.0

Chair Board of Directors
ATS Global BV

Taking Industry 4.0 Activity to the Next Level

Plant Manager
Continental Automotive GmbH

Smart Manufacturing – Preparing for Industry 4.0

VP, MOM Business Development and Marketing,
Siemens PLM Software

Technical Innovation Roadmap – Industry 4.0

Chief Operating Officer
Kitron Group

Effectively Managing Operational Risk while Driving Operational Excellence

Global Practice Leader, Operational Risk Management (ORM),
DuPont Sustainable Solutions

Improving SMART Gas Meter output by 72% in 9 months without CAPEX

Chartwell Consulting

To Set Up a Manufacturing Excellence Programme and Way of Working within the Production in the Middle East

General Manager AVI (Arabian Vehicle and Trucks Industry)
Volvo and Renault Trucks

Why do so many Organisations get Lean & OpEx Wrong?


The X Factor in Lean Operations

General Manager Production

Why did Uniper Decide to Implement Operational Excellence?

Senior Vice President Operational Excellence
Uniper SE

Presentations Only

Improving SMART Gas Meter output by 72% in 9 months without CAPEX

Adrian Howe

Chartwell Consulting

What is Driving Your Digital Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Transformation?

Prof. Dr. Carl B. Welker

Blue Palais

Getting a Real and Sustainable Transformation

Cesar Lombarte
OpEx Manager
B.Braun Medical

Organising for Success: Lessons from John Boyd

Dean Lenane
Managing Director Europe
Fisher Dynamics

Impact of the Human Machine Interface in a Production Environment

Josef Kriegmair
Project Director
MTU Aero Engines

Factory 4.0 Approach at Thyssenkrupp Norte

Dr Jesús Mariano Fernández-García
Production Director
Thyssenkrupp Norte

Manufacturing Improvement the Wright Way

Joe Portley
Senior Director Manufacturing
Wright Group

Deployment of OpEx Strategy in a Mature Company - Lessons Learnt

John Pedersen
Head of NBS-Centre
Glencore Nikkelverk

Implementing Lean on a Global Scale: Succeeding through Diversity of Products, Processes and People

Alejandro Tassara & Richard Hainrihar
Global Directors, Luvata Production System

Driving to Zero: An Executive Discussion and Case Study on Exceptional Manufacturing Performance

Jordan Workman
Director of NA & EMEA Client Development
Performance Solutions by Milliken

Significant Turnaround of Safety Performance

Michael de Poortere
Global Analytical Technology Center Director
The Dow Chemical Company

Effectively Managing Operational Risks & Driving Operational Excellence

Nicholas Bahr


Applying Project Management Techniques to Low-Volume Manufacturing Operations

Nicholas J. Holdcraft
President & COO

How to Develop Employees, and How Employees can Develop your Company

Rafal Biel
Production Manager
Eaton Automotive

Why did Uniper Decide to Implement Operational Excellence?

Nigel Walker
Senior VP Operational Excellence

A Case Study of a Digital Journey: Ford Otosan

Sabri Çimen
Director, Product Coordination
Ford Otosan

Taking Industry 4.0 Activity to the Next Level

Sibylle Büttner
Plant Manager
Continental Automotive GmbH

The Toyota Way in the Era of Industry 4.0

Stefano Cortiglioni
Toyota Academy: Business Improvement Director
Toyota Material Handling Europe

The X Factor in Lean Operations

Tjaart Van Den Berg,
General Manager, Production

Setting a Roadmap for Manufacturers on the Journey to a Smart Manufacturing Future

Uwe Kueppers
Chairman EMEA
MESA International

Do Not Underestimate your Compressed Air Quality

Yannick Koch & Thorsten Klein
Head of Global Corporate Development & Head of Product Management
Beko Technologies

Industrial Strategy and Transformation in the Aircraft Industry

Sebastian Mueller
Head of Manufacturing Strategy & Exploration
Airbus Group

To Set Up a Manufacturing Excellence Programme and Way of Working within the Production in the Middle East

Stefan Köhler
General Manager AVI
Volvo and Renault Trucks

Technical Innovation Roadmap – Industry 4.0

Israel Losada Salvador
Chief Operating Officer
Kitron Group

Improving Production Technologies through Supplier Collaboration

John M. Walker
Global Director – Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Supply Chain Investments
Mondelēz International

Flexibility through Nesting – Solutions for Building the Factory of the Future

Lars Skogmo,
Head of Technology, Process and Automation, AECOM Dr. Frank Keul, Manager, Research and Development, Process and Automation,

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Industry 4.0

Mike James
ATS Global

Manufacturing Skills - UK Now and Post-Brexit

Dr Patrick McLaughlin
Programme Director: Cranfield Operations Excellence MSc,
Cranfield University

Smart Manufacturing – Preparing for Industry 4.0

Raffaello Lepratti
VP, MOM Business Development and Marketing
Siemens PLM Software