Hall of Fame

Previous winners of the European Manufacturing Leadership Award & Rising Star Award

2016 Winners

Leadership Award - ABB

Maria has lead and successfully completed FP7 LOCOMACHS Project over four years (a 32 partners European project which included the key players in the aircraft industry). The large consortium was formed with the main aeronautical companies in Europe, many SME's and research centres. Especially impressive was how Maria kept the flow of knowledge and good mood with the group and between partners. She demonstrated high organisation and leadership skills in delegating, coordinating, structuring, communication and knowing when and how to push people to really contribute is extra ordinary. Her capability to inspire and support all the partners- from OEMS to SMEs- involved is certainly one of the critical factors for the success of LOCOMACHS.She has made the project move European aerospace industry go beyond the state of the art.

Rising Star Award - WABCO Vehicle Control Systems

His career and experiences are an inspiration to new talent within the organization. He has already successfully managed different teams within the WABCO company. Starting as a Quality Team Leader he was tasked with creating a new, functional Site Material Quality team. As a leader he is constantly working on self and team development resulting in motivation and a for drive results. He is open for new challenges, and proactively involves himself in new business initiatives. His team admire him and are learning leadership skills as well as understanding how to recognise the business environment. Being in his current position of Value Stream Leader he has already achieved professional success by leading a team of more than 200 people. He has a clear vision of his future career path, driving its realisation with passion.

Previous Winners

Richard Bedford - Leadership Award 2015 Winner

Richard Bedford is the Packaging Operations Director.

Richard won the award for the transformation in performance seen at Diageo’s International Supply Center packaging divisions under his leadership.

Diageo awarded Richard the Manager of the Year in recognition of the difference he is making within the business. Not bad when you consider that world-wide, Diageo employs over 28,000 people!

Rob Karsmakers - Leadership Award 2014 Winner

Rob Karsmakers is a VP and Site Manager.

Rob took home the inaugural Leadership award for his role in saving a Philips shaver plant in Drachten that was losing its production to China. The plant changed to a 24h zero-defect factory with a huge volume flexibility and daytime engineers continuously improving the production in order to remain a learning factory.

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