Optimising your existing infrastructure and employee initiatives to enhance product innovation, improve cost reduction and strengthen your overall manufacturing strategy

In October 2014, the European Manufacturing Strategies Summit will celebrate its 10th anniversary, providing the perfect opportunity to assess the state of the manufacturing sector as European nations emerge from economic downturn, and to provide expert visionary forecasts for the next 10 years:

What factors will have the greatest impact on the future competitiveness of European manufacturing – economic, political or technical?

Attending this landmark event will enable you to assess your own company’s strategic growth plans in the context of these bigger picture discussions as well as to focus on the more immediate concerns that every European manufacturer needs to address.

Featured topics will include:

  • What does the advent of Industrial 4.0 mean for your business: how can you build in the flexibility to adapt to new manufacturing processes
  • Learn lessons from other organisations that will enable you to build your company in to a High Reliability Organisation and a High Performance Organisation
  • How to meet the increasingly higher expectations of your customers: how to build increased flexibility, customisation and speed to your manufacturing operation
  • How to ensure lean principles work across R&D and manufacturing operations
  • How to respond to strategic regulatory initiatives across the EU on CSR and sustainability
  • Analysing the pros and cons of re-shoring: how to rebuild capacity
  • How to lead, how to transfer skills to the new generation of workers: leadership and development strategies for the next decade of growth


"Good to see we are using the correct tools, we just need to refine their application."Divisional Lean Applications Manager, Kingspan Insulation Ltd

It truly was a summit and I took lot of helpful input for my daily work.Director Manufacturing, EuWe

Expertise and experience of industry leaders are available in their summit. Works Director HPC, Unilever Gebze HPC Factory

Explore the latest manufacturing tasks and issues. Team Leader, Kraft Foods Bahrain WLL

Great networking opportunity within the supply chain world in europe and beyond. Vice President Manufacturing Europe, Mc Cain Foods Europe